Rear Yard

It took 10 months to construct our rear yard. All of the vertical surfaces are layered with hand cut natural stone. The pool is lined with pebble tech and uses a salt water cleansing system that is practically unnoticeable during swim sessions. The spa comfortably holds up to 12 people. The yard gets full southern exposure in the afternoon, perfect for pool parties – we’ve had many! If the you want to relax in the shade, the patio cover of umbrella and chase lounges offer a soothing retreat.

Keeping the trees, shrubs and flowers vibrant and everything looking perfect is a task I enjoy on a daily basis. The rear yard is beautiful during the day at drop dead gorgeous at night with lighting that takes our personal resort to an even higher level. When you come to a pool party at our home, you’ll feel like you’re at a resort and we wouldn’t have it any other way.